Hey Everyone!  One of my favorite Ranger products is their Archival Ink.   For those of you that aren’t familiar with these inkpads, they are an oil-based dye ink that comes in many lovely colors.  Now, everyone knows that oil & water don’t mix, so this makes for some fun chemistry!

Archival Brights Resist

For this we will be using an Archival inkpad in a bright color (I used Aqua.  Some other cool colors to use are Carnation Pink and Banana).  We will also need an Adirondack Brights pad in a complementary color (I used Raspberry, formerly known as Bikini Pink), glossy cardstock, stamps, and a brayer.

1.        Stamp your image on the glossy cardstock with the Archival ink.  Dry with your heat tool. 


2.       Brayer over the image with the Raspberry Adirondack ink, then wipe off the excess with a paper towel.  Voila!  A pretty image!


Alcohol Inks & Archival Resist


This is a cool technique developed by that artistic genius Tim Holtz.  It works on non-porous surfaces, like glass, plastic, metal, foil tape, etc.  Everyone will be getting one of these round tiles in their goody bag,


along with a circle of glossy cardstock, elastic cord, and jump ring.  You will also need alcohol inks and applicator, Archival ink in Jet Black, adhesive, paper towels.

1.        Load up your alcohol ink applicator (to save time Alcohol ink will be AI from hereon out) with AI (duh).

2.       Pounce the ink onto the back of the tile (the flat side), blowing on it to dry after each pounce.  This will give keep the ink from reactivating itself and making those really dark lines on your tile.  NO, I’m not posting a pic of myself blowing, hee hee!


3.       Once the back of your tile is covered, ink the stamp of your choice with the Ranger jet Black Archival pad (This will only work with the black, it won’t work with any other color).



4.       Stamp onto the back of the tile, and then gently wipe the stamped image with a soft paper towel or cloth (I use Viva paper towels, my husband calls me a paper towel art snob.)  DO NOT scrub the image.  DO use a clean portion of the towel or cloth with each swipe.  It should look like this when it’s done.




5.       Stamp a letter and some background text on your cardstock,


then adhere it to the back of the tile. 

6.       Add your jump ring and cord.  Presto!! You have a necklace, or whatever!