Hey everyone!  Things have been insanely busy around these parts, but I’m grabbing a few minutes to pop in and give everyone an update.  I’ve been making projects for Streuter, and getting ready to shoot a couple of demonstration videos for them.  Yep, that’s right, we’ll have a couple of videos demonstrating some cool ways to use GlueFilm and GlueFoil!  I’ll make sure to post the link when they’re ready!

These are two of the projects I completed for them recently.  The instructions are available to download here and here.


When I was working on these projects, I discovered the GlueFilm was great for image transfers!  All I did was place a piece of GlueFilm onto the surface I was transferring my image to, placed my image facedown on top of the GlueFilm, then ironed it on.  I then rubbed the paper off of the back with wet fingers.  Heck, at one point I even used a ScotchBrite pad to scrub some of the paper off, the GlueFilm is that durable!  The technique for doing the transfer is included in the Sweet Dreams instructions. 

I’ll pop back in later in the week with more news!