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Hey everyone!  Welcome to the last Ornament Thursday!  It’s really been a lot of fun participating in this, and I hope you’ve enjoyed it as well.  All of the creations have been great.  What an incredibly talented group,  I’m honored to have been a part of it! 

 I love having birds decorating my tree, but I realized this week that I had no place for them to rest, no sparkly nest for them to call home.   I remedied that by using some Beadalon Colourcraft 20 gauge wire in Natural, a few coppery beads, and some fibers.  I also added a few eggs painted with Ranger’s Adirondack Dabbers in Gold, Copper, and Peal mixed with a little Stream.  I hope you (and the birdies) like it!


Make sure you visit all of the talented folks that are participating!  Here are the links:

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Quilty pieced snowman – Linda Augsburg
Simply striking sparkling spheres – Margot Potter
Beaded memory wire – Elaine Luther 


This past week, one of my husband’s co-workers gave him a bag of Springerle cookies for Christmas.  They were made by some nuns, and in the bag was a little flyer, complete with pictures of the nuns busily baking.  One of the captions said something about the nuns making 1,ooo cookies in a weekend.  “Hah!  Amateurs!”  I thought to myself as I read it.

Ok, I know some of you are thinking I’m crazy.  One thousand cookies in a weekend is nothing to be sneezed at.  Well, let me tell you, I am crazy, along with the rest of the women in my family.  We are cookie crazy.  Every year before the holidays, we all get together and make Christmas cookies.  Hundreds of Christmas cookies.  Thousands of Christmas cookies.  Yep, this year we baked for three days and made four thousand cookies.  No exaggeration.  We keep track on a spreadsheet, so we know exactly how to split them up once we’re done.

And now you’re all thinking that we must be super organized to get all those made in a weekend.  Well, sometimes we are, and sometimes we aren’t.  This year, we did pretty well.  I think we only had to go to the grocery store twice, and only screwed up the nutball recipe twice.  One year we went to the grocery five times, and that was just the first day!  We also tend to get a bit silly – funnels for bras, doughball fights, floury handprints on everyone’s butts, etc. 


See what I mean? 

A few of the bakers, whose names I won’t mention here, also manage to sneak off to TJMaxx for an hour or so, under the guise of going to pick up some necessary ingredient at the store.  We hand out silly awards on the last day, and take the usual picture of all of the bakers together in front of my aunt’s fireplace.

Then we go home and eat lots of cookies, because that’s the only thing we have room for in our freezers! 


Not if it’s Ornament Thursday!  I bought a sewing machine drawer full of old bottles at a flea market one day, so today I decided to dig one out and make an ornament out of it.  I ran some copper tape around the bottom and top, then added some soldered beading.  Because it’s so dark and dreary here today, it’s hard to get a good pic.  Inside the bottle, I used some Winter Wonderland Vintage Cuts from Crafty Secrets, Stickles from Ranger, and some glitter.  For the hanger, I used the Beadalon wire twister to twist some of their silver Colourcraft wire together.



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Deck the halls people, it’s Ornanment Thursday!  And if you’re reading this post, you get to witness a mini holiday miracle –  it’s Thursday morning, and I actually have my ornament done.  This was another easy one!  I just used some Crafty Secrets Christmas Cotton Scraps, Beadalon ColourCraft wire, Stickles, some muslin, a few beads, and my sewing machine.


For links to all of the ornaments on this snowy Thursday, be sure to visit Margot’s blog!

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