What better way to celebrate than with a new blog post?  Actually, a big bottle of Chardonnay would be my choice, but it’s still a little early in the afternoon here!  I know, I know, I’m sure you all are saying “Where the heck has Rebecca been?  Surely the pool has closed by now and she’s not bathing kids 24 seven!”  Well, I have two words for you:  school and soccer.   Two kids in school and two kids in soccer means two, yes, two times the fun!   I have also had all kinds of other crafty things happening, so strap on your seat belts and here we go!

My pal Robin has started her own blog, Pearlesque.  Robin is the Director of Education at Ranger, and is incredibly talented.  She is my crafty mentor.  I owe so much to her, and love her to death!  She’s going to post great techniques every week, and I think she’s even giving away some stamps.  Stop by and say hi!

After scheduling and rescheduling many times, Margot and I actually got together for a play date!  We coughed and shopped till we dropped at the antique stores near her place and found some really cool stuff.  I can’t wait to see what she does with it.  If you haven’t checked out any of her books, get busy!  If The Impatient Beader can’t get your jewelry –making mojo going, no one can!

A really cool magazine called Creative TECHniques is actually giving me a shot at a regular feature.  I think it’s going to be a lot of fun because the readers and website visitors will go online to vote on some products, and when the voting is over, I have to make something out of the products that are chosen.  Tentatively, voting is scheduled to start Nov. 20th, but I’ll give you all of the details as soon as things are firmed up.

My card is on Ranger‘s home page this month!  It’s the rust and blue one! 

The wonderful folks from Fiskars (yep, the orange scissors) are flying fifty of us to San Antonio for an all-expenses paid crafting weekend in November.  How cool is that?  I cannot wait.  It is going to be a total blast I’m sure.  The only drawback is I have to make 60 tags for a tag swap.  I’ll be the gal at the airport with the extra bags under her eyes, yeehaw!

Now it’s time for a public service announcement (this may also fall under the category of too much info, but here goes):  Do your monthly breast exam and go get a mammogram!  Yep, I had a bit of a scare a couple of weeks ago when I found a lump right before I was scheduled to go for my mammogram.  It ended up just being a cyst, but it was a little scary not knowing for a week.  So please, please, gal pals, take care of yourself.  I don’t want to lose any of you to this horrible disease.  Early detection is incredibly important! 

 Whew!  I’m tired just writing about all of this stuff!  It’s good to be back, and tomorrow we’ll talk about pigs!