copyright 2007 Rebecca Peck

She slowly scans the rainy, gray horizon, carefully sizing up each passing ship.  “Good,” she sighs to herself,” no lobster boats.”    She then turns to her boyfriend, standing on the deck in a steady downpour, and says, “Don’t even think about putting up those sails.”  Is it Mutiny On The Bounty?  No, it’s just Day Four of the SVFH!!When I woke up that morning, I was dead certain that an entire fleet of angry lobstermen would be bearing down on us in their boats.  Since we spent most of yesterday scattering their pots all over the Atlantic, I thought for sure they’d be out for revenge.  Then I realized they were probably too busy trying to find their pots!

Due to the torrential downpour and fog that was surrounding us, I told the BF that there was no way I was going to stay on the boat if he attempted to use the sails.   Surprisingly enough, he agreed to turn on the engine and head towards Looe Key, where we were going to attempt to snorkel.  Things went reasonably well, and the sun actually came out when we got there.  We anchored without incident, and managed to have a nice snorkel.  Then we headed to Key West, and civilization.  Yes, we were going to anchor at THE MARINA.  That meant a real bathroom and a nice, long, hot, steamy shower for me!  Oh, I couldn’t wait!  

We got there, checked in, and I grabbed my stuff and headed for the Ladies Lounge.  As I was lathering up and luxuriating in the hot water, I heard a banging on the door.  It’s the BF.  “Oh crap, now what?” I’m thinking to myself.  Did the damn ship sink?  Did he forget to tie it up and now it’s drifting around crashing into all the other boats?  I grab a towel and head for the door.

“Aren’t you done yet?’  he says incredulously.

“I’ve only been in here for ten minutes,” I say.  “What’s the problem?”   

“We’re  going to miss the sunset on the pier!” he exclaims.  “Everyone says it’ll be the highlight of our stay!  We have to go now!”

“Fine, I’ll try to hurry, “ I say. 

I finished my shower as quickly as I could, dried my hair, and ran out of the bathroom without even putting any makeup on.  We then rushed down to the pier, just in time to see the sun setting on a magnificent scene – some dude playing the steel drums, a couple walking their dog, and a guy selling frozen drinks from a cart.  

Lesson #4 – Before you give up a long , hot , luxurious shower after three days at sea, make sure you understand what your boyfriend’s definition of “highlight” is.

After that we grabbed a bite to eat, went to Sloppy Joe’s, and then headed back to the boat.  I told the BF that if he interrupted my morning shower, there would be consequences.

And so ends Day Four – not quite as nerve-racking as Days One, Two, and Three, but Fate was just biding her time…..