Lisa sent me some great pics all the way from Spain, so I thought I’d share them with everyone, along with the email explaining them:

Hi, r,

so here’s my pics of the crazy paper maché Falls “burning ritual” from tonight.

I numbered them in their chron order. Just to add, for perspective’s sake, that the figures at the bottom are fairly close to actual human size, just to give an idea of how high the main figure is. I think it reached a couple stories.

There’s something really cathartic about seeing all those hours of work and detail just go up in flames

and that “here one moment, gone the next” sensation, while watching this HUGE bonfire…it’s pretty cool.

Gotta love those crazy Valencians–inventors of Paella and paper mache cremation 😉

Looking foward to reading your boating adventure….!!!

hope you had a good weekend!

bfn, Lisa


So go to this page and see the pics:

Thanks Lisa!!