Not necessarily in that order!  First, paper and etc. that I got from my mom.  Mom is cool, her name is Gloria (gee, imagine that!), she loves antiques.  My mom and her sis buy and sell vintage textiles, clothes and miscellaneous etc.  It’s always fun to rummage through her stash of stuff. This is some of the cool stuff that Mom had this time:

comp bookscards.jpgcard-box.jpgfolding-cards.jpg

There must be 200 cards in that box!

Next in honor of T’s new melting pot, we’ll make some faux distressed stones!  Tim Holtz came up with this technique, it’s on his second DVD.  You’ll need the pot, some silicone ice cube trays, clear UTEE, Black Soot Distress EP, and either Weathered Wood Distress EP or Antiquities EP in Cement, Adirondack Acrylic Paint in Soot Black, and coarse grain sea salt.  Fill the pot with the Clear UTEE, then sprinkle in maybe a T. of the Cement or Weathered Wood EP & a 1/2 tsp of the Black Soot EP. 


Once it’s all melted stir it up!  It should look like cement.  Sprinkle some of the sea salt into the squares on the ice cube tray. 


Carefully pour the melted UTEE mixture into the tray sections, then let cool. 


Pop the stones out of the tray, then put them in a bowl of water to dissolve the salt crystals that are embedded in them.  Then take them out, dry them off,  and use a small stiff brush to pounce black paint into the pock marks and all over the tiles.  Then wipe some of the paint off with a paper towel.  Voila!  Faux aged stones!  Is Tim a frickin’ genius or what? 

Last, but not least, scissors!  I cut open two new packs of library cards today.  It’s time to swap!!  Send me an email with your address ( ), and I will email everyone with the details.

It’s midnight, I am going to bed!!!

Later gp’s! 

P.S. Just found this and immediately thought of gg getting dressed up for space travel.  Look at that helmet/hat!!


                gg in space