Or, “Stamp Carving For Dummies”, written by the dummy herself.

    One morning I woke up and decided I was going to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!  But then I heard that g was doing that , and I knew she would probably be just fine on her own, so I decided I would just carve some stamps instead.  So I went down to my “studio” , aka the basement or as my sh likes to call it, The Dump, and I got out the carving tools that I just HAD to have.  Of course, they had been languishing in the dump for a few months by now.  I got out the cute white erasers that I HAD to have, said erasers also languishing in the basement longer than the aforementioned tools.  I thought a cool “LOVE ” stamp would be fun, so I sketched it out on top of my eraser  and then went to work with the carving tools.

VOILA!  My very first hand-carved stamp!  I was so proud of myself! 

love How cool is that!

Then, I got out an inkpad and stamped it!


You idiot!!!! You have to carve it backwards!!!  So, I got out another eraser (yes, I hoard erasers too), and went to work with my tools.

evol.jpg  Ok, looks good so far.  So I inked it up and….

double-love.jpg  I did it!  Boy, just think of all the money i’m going to save!  So I immediately went out and spent $14.00 on carving blocks to go with my $20.00 tools. 


 It says on the package that they cut “like Butter”.  Well, I wouldn’t know because my tools are lost somewhere in The Dump. 


So now with all this talk of sardine stamping and cork-carving, I’ve got the itch to carve some more, but I still can’t find the Damn Tools.  I’m sure you’re all thinking (especially g), “why doesn’t she just use an x-acto knife?”  Well, after my little incident last fall with an x-acto knife and a cowboy boot, I try to limit my x-acto knife use to PAPER ONLY.  See picture below:


And that is my stamp-carving story.  Any questions?