Twiddling my thumbs, watching the grass grow, clipping my toenails, writing this post.  Yep, those were all of the things I did not have time to do this weekend!  But guess what?  Everyone’s asleep, so….


Yes, Lisam somehow I will find a way to repay you for that fond memory, ha ha!  What has everyone been up to?  We had a busy weekend, some friends from Boston came for a visit Friday night, Saturday was crazy, and Saturday night Harry and I took his old boss out to dinner.  When I got up Sunday morning, my husband decided he was going to put up the basketball hoop Santa had brought for Christmas.  Of course, since men do not know how to read instruction manuals, I somehow got conned into helping.  There went my creative Sunday afternoon.  I did, however, force myself to do at least one card for Emily’s challenge.  And here it is!

 miss-pocket.jpg    card.jpg

Inspired by the FBOS I sent to my gp, and Lisa’s struggle with packing tape transfers, I decided to do a card about my grandmother.  She was great , and I think of her often.   

Lisam, my apologies if you have already gotten up to do your thing and missed this..  I had to go visit t’s blog, then I had to watch the wedding video, then I had to go to BB and see all of g’s stuff, then I had to leave comments…it’s been an exhausting evening. 

I put the list together for the library card swap, I’ll wait until Friday to see if anyone else wants to join in.