is brought to us today by the letter G!  Tee hee hee!  Seriously folks, here is g’s Conspiracy Theory layout:

g’s layout

Of course, it rocks and it’s pure g!  Who’s next on the list?  G was kind enough to send the schedule, so I’ve posted it here on the blog.  Just let me tell you, I have uncovered secret documents in the Carmex case, and will reveal them to the public in my lo, lol!

As if we didn’t have enough to do, who’s up for a library card/pocket swap?  This is how it will work: 

1.  Everyone signs up.  If we have five people, we have to make six cards & pockets.

2.  I’ll send everyone the cards & pockets (can I just say c &p from now on?  Thanks!).

3. Everyone sends their c & p creations back to me, I give everyone one of each & bind them into a mini album.

4. The extra one will get sent in to a magazine for publication, if that’s ok with everyone?

Do you wanna do it?  What should our theme be?  Fav books, influential books?  Fav lip balm?  Let’s hear some topics