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and here’s the music to go with it:

Yeah, I should be postin’ more often, because even I am bored with this blog at the moment!  I ‘m going to be gone for four days starting Thursday (woohoo!), and I have lots of stuff to do before I go!  You’re just going to have to settle for a quickie.  Yes, I know, not really satisfying, but it gets the job done.  Did everyone vote on g’s avatar at  Hurry, the polls close soon!  I will post about the swap tomorrow, but right now I have to get down to the dump and create while everyone is asleep.  Oh, that reminds me of a funny story…

I was in my “studio”, aka The Dump, working on the infamous oven
mitt book. It was around 1 am, and everyone was fast asleep. I
realized I could go no farther on the book until I set 4 eyelets.
Since my muse was working overtime, I just couldn’t wait until
morning! “Ok,” I reasoned to myself, “if I just hit them each once
with one really good wack, I’m sure no one will hear it.” Wack #1,
pause, no sound coming from upstairs. OK! Wack #2, pause, still good
to go! Wack #3, pause, holding breath. Still quiet. Wack #4, wait,
big pat on the back, no one woke up! About 30 seconds later I hear
the back door slam. I went upstairs to see what was going on, and
there is my SH running around all of the neighbor’s houses with some
sort of blunt instrument in his hand. “Why are you out here running
around in your undies at 1 am?” I asked him.

“Didn’t you hear that?”
he said. “It sounded like someone was trying to kick the neighbor’s
door down! I can’t believe you didn’t hear that!”

“No,” I replied “I
didn’t hear anything, I was down in the basement!”

Well about two minutes after he went back to bed, I was downstairs
rolling on the floor laughing! I didn’t realize that it was me he was
hearing, and to this day I’ve never had the heart to tell him.

(John sure had the moves back in the day, didn’t he?)


Or, “Stamp Carving For Dummies”, written by the dummy herself.

    One morning I woke up and decided I was going to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!  But then I heard that g was doing that , and I knew she would probably be just fine on her own, so I decided I would just carve some stamps instead.  So I went down to my “studio” , aka the basement or as my sh likes to call it, The Dump, and I got out the carving tools that I just HAD to have.  Of course, they had been languishing in the dump for a few months by now.  I got out the cute white erasers that I HAD to have, said erasers also languishing in the basement longer than the aforementioned tools.  I thought a cool “LOVE ” stamp would be fun, so I sketched it out on top of my eraser  and then went to work with the carving tools.

VOILA!  My very first hand-carved stamp!  I was so proud of myself! 

love How cool is that!

Then, I got out an inkpad and stamped it!


You idiot!!!! You have to carve it backwards!!!  So, I got out another eraser (yes, I hoard erasers too), and went to work with my tools.

evol.jpg  Ok, looks good so far.  So I inked it up and….

double-love.jpg  I did it!  Boy, just think of all the money i’m going to save!  So I immediately went out and spent $14.00 on carving blocks to go with my $20.00 tools. 


 It says on the package that they cut “like Butter”.  Well, I wouldn’t know because my tools are lost somewhere in The Dump. 


So now with all this talk of sardine stamping and cork-carving, I’ve got the itch to carve some more, but I still can’t find the Damn Tools.  I’m sure you’re all thinking (especially g), “why doesn’t she just use an x-acto knife?”  Well, after my little incident last fall with an x-acto knife and a cowboy boot, I try to limit my x-acto knife use to PAPER ONLY.  See picture below:


And that is my stamp-carving story.  Any questions? 


Stunning.  That is the first word that came into my head when I saw Lisa’s layout for the first time.  I am so honored that she is letting me post it here.  Once again I am amazed by the talent that is to be found in our little group.  All I can say is “Wow, this is only her second one.  Imagine what her fiftieth will look like!”

then come on over to my house.  We’ve got plenty of both!


It has been sleeting since early a.m. here.  No, that is not snow, it is a zillion tiny balls of ice.  Wednesday it was 75.  What the hell happened? I decided to have a Pina Colada and ponder for a while.  Since I wasn’t done pondering, I had another one.  Then this darn song popped into my head:

So I had another Pina Colada and pondered some more.  Guess what I figured out:  I really like Pina Coladas and I hate freezing rain, ha ha ha!  So while we wait for Lisa m’s CT layout , kick back, relax, and have a few. 

Twiddling my thumbs, watching the grass grow, clipping my toenails, writing this post.  Yep, those were all of the things I did not have time to do this weekend!  But guess what?  Everyone’s asleep, so….


Yes, Lisam somehow I will find a way to repay you for that fond memory, ha ha!  What has everyone been up to?  We had a busy weekend, some friends from Boston came for a visit Friday night, Saturday was crazy, and Saturday night Harry and I took his old boss out to dinner.  When I got up Sunday morning, my husband decided he was going to put up the basketball hoop Santa had brought for Christmas.  Of course, since men do not know how to read instruction manuals, I somehow got conned into helping.  There went my creative Sunday afternoon.  I did, however, force myself to do at least one card for Emily’s challenge.  And here it is!

 miss-pocket.jpg    card.jpg

Inspired by the FBOS I sent to my gp, and Lisa’s struggle with packing tape transfers, I decided to do a card about my grandmother.  She was great , and I think of her often.   

Lisam, my apologies if you have already gotten up to do your thing and missed this..  I had to go visit t’s blog, then I had to watch the wedding video, then I had to go to BB and see all of g’s stuff, then I had to leave comments…it’s been an exhausting evening. 

I put the list together for the library card swap, I’ll wait until Friday to see if anyone else wants to join in.  

and behaving badly, when they really should be doing other things. 


Like looking for sixteen men on a dead man’s chest (or working on the project that was due yesterday)!

A PSA brought to you by Tammy, and skilfully illustrated by Janass!

janis_23.gif  click me!

I bet those orange outfits would go up in flames without the use of an accelerant.  Aah, polyester, where have you gone? 

For those of you that don’t know, Lisa had her shaker card selected for the Basic Grey Gallery!  You can see it here:

So,g, since it’s your fault that Lisa has gotten all CREATIVE on us, it is going to be your job to mentor her properly.  You must make sure that:

  1. She doesn’t get all snooty on us just because she’s published
  2. She doesn’t start using the word “yummy”
  3. She knows how to use cuss properly on blogs

Feel free to add to the list if you can think of any other no-no’s.  But seriously Lisa,

WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!

This is for you, Lisa:

Now if that doesn’t get the Electric Company song outta my head, nuthin’ will!

How does your garden grow?  With Colorwash,  and old book pages, and you don’t even have to ho (I mean hoe)!

Hope you guys have had a productive weekend.  T, I haven’t heard any bulletins from the Mounties about a husband being strangled with sync cords, so I take it things are back to normal at your house, ha ha!  Now, our first SHWAP lesson:

How to Make Paper Flowers

You’ll need:

  • Old book pages
  • Coloring medium (I use Ranger’s Colorwash)
  • 22 or 24 ga wire
  • Scissors or Circle punch
  • Tacky glue
  • Beads (optional)
  • Deco scissors (optional)

1.  Rip some pages out of an old book.  I get tons of them from our library, they are always sending stuff to the recycling bin.

2.  Color the pages with Colorwash, inkpads, paint, etc. & let them dry. papers.jpg

3.  Use the circle punch to, duh, punch out circles.  I use three per flower, you can have more if you want. punch-paper.jpg

4.  Fold the circles in half and then in half again.  At this point, you can trim along the edge of the circle with the deco scissors if you want.  You really don’t need a circle punch.  You can just fold a small piece of paper in half, then in half again, and trim the edge into a circle.fold-circles.jpg

5.  Cut a piece of wire 5 or 6 ” long.  Put a small loop at one end of the wire.  You could also add a bead and then loop it if you wanted a fancier center for your flower.cut-wire.jpg

6.  Poke the sharp end of the wire through the middle of one of the circles, and slide the circle down close to the loop.  Put a few dots of white glue in the center of the circle, and then smoosh the middle of the circle around the loop.poke-wire-thru-circle.jpgsmoosh.jpgadd-another-circle.jpgsmoosh-again.jpgthird-circle.jpg

7.  Add the other two circles in the same manner.  Voila!  You have a flower!

8.  To make the leaves, fold a piece of the colored paper in half, cut out a leaf shape, then wrap around the wire and glue in place!glue-on-leaves.jpgwrap-leaves.jpgleaves-done.jpgvoila.jpg


Change the size of the circles

Trim the edges of the circles with deco scissors

Dab the edges of the flowers in glue and dip in glitter

Hold one in your teeth and do the tango

What else is everyone up to?  We have several people interested in the card SWAP, I’ll post a list later on of who we have so far.

OOPS!  I was told by a ceratin person that it would be nice if i shared a little info about myself, so this is what we’re going to do.  I’ll post a regular run-of the-mill fact about myself and one off-the-wall random fact about myself.  Then it will be your turn!  Everyone time you leave a comment with a run-of-the-mill fact and an off-the-wall fact about yourself, I’ll do two more facts about me.  That way we can all get to know each other at the same time.  OK, here goes:

I am married with two kids

Frankie Avalon once tried to pick me up in a bar (that was back in my beach babe days)

Now it’s somebody else’s turn!  C’mon everybody, fess up! 

is brought to us today by the letter G!  Tee hee hee!  Seriously folks, here is g’s Conspiracy Theory layout:

g’s layout

Of course, it rocks and it’s pure g!  Who’s next on the list?  G was kind enough to send the schedule, so I’ve posted it here on the blog.  Just let me tell you, I have uncovered secret documents in the Carmex case, and will reveal them to the public in my lo, lol!

As if we didn’t have enough to do, who’s up for a library card/pocket swap?  This is how it will work: 

1.  Everyone signs up.  If we have five people, we have to make six cards & pockets.

2.  I’ll send everyone the cards & pockets (can I just say c &p from now on?  Thanks!).

3. Everyone sends their c & p creations back to me, I give everyone one of each & bind them into a mini album.

4. The extra one will get sent in to a magazine for publication, if that’s ok with everyone?

Do you wanna do it?  What should our theme be?  Fav books, influential books?  Fav lip balm?  Let’s hear some topics 

Library Card & Pocket SWAP (not to be confused with SHWAP)

g - received
lisam in spain - received
margert - received
jan - received
k - received
marissa-yay! - received

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