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Yes, I know, I’m way behind on this challenge, but for those of you who know me, that should come as no surprise, ha ha!  As I was telling someone else, I was so happy to get this done because I was doing it for me, not for a magazine or to meet a project deadline.  I decided to do mine on library cards, with each card having their very own library card pocket (can you tell I love the library).  I plan on binding them together into a little book when they are all finished (by the year 2009 maybe, lol!). Seriously, I already have my next few cards planned in my head, I just need to sit down and do them. 

card in pocketcard week 1

As you can see from the card, my latest obesession is making paper flowers.  A looong time ago, when I was just a wacky kid, someone gave me a kit to make big, bright tissue paper flowers (do you remember those, anyone?).  That kit kept me busy for months!  I needed some flowers for one of my mag projects, and came up with this variation on the tissue paper flowers, using old book pages.  I know, again with the books!  If anyone wants to learn how to make them, leave me a comment and we’ll have a class a la g!


I started a blog.  We’ll have to see how good I am at maintaining it.  This first post is dedicated to gloria f, an incredibly talented artist (no, she is not a crafter, she is most definitely an artist).  Her blog is fantastic!  Quick, go check it out before it’s gone,  AND LEAVE A COMMENT!!!   I wouldn’t be doing this if it weren’t for her.  She seems to inspire people, right Lisa M?


 P.S.  Whatever you do, don’t tell Gloria her blog is yummy.

Library Card & Pocket SWAP (not to be confused with SHWAP)

g - received
lisam in spain - received
margert - received
jan - received
k - received
marissa-yay! - received

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